From the Witney Parish registers, Curbridge, Oxfordshire, England, the Dalton Genealogical Society has assembled a list of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials of Dalton name variants, Dolton, Doulton and others. They cover the period, 1586-1781 and were published in DGS Journal Vol. 7, 1977.




25 Mar 1586 Elizabeth dau. Waters   Doalton

21 Jan 1588     Andrew son Walter

3 May 1629  Margat dau. Andrew  Dowlton

12 Jun 1631     Mary dau. Andrew    Dowlton

16 Aug 1635     William son Andrew

29 Jun 1641     Andrew son Andrew

29 Mar 1644     Walter son Andrew   Doulton

13 Jan 1647     John son Walter

4 Apr. 1676     Martha dau. Andrew

2 Nov 1678  Mary dau. Andrew

18 Jan 1681     Andrew son Andrew

24 Jan 1682     Anne dau. Andrew

9 Jun 1684  Andrew son Andrew

24 Oct 1685     (blank of Andrew)

19 Nov 1688     Sarah dau. Andrew

29 Aug 1691     John son Andrew

16 Jul 1704     Sarah dau. Richard  (poor)

21 Feb 1710     Thomas son Edward   Doulton

26 Dec 1711     John son Edward

16 Aug 1713     Anne dau. Edward & Mary

4 Feb 1728  Elizabeth dau. Edward   Curbridge

28 Jan 1733     Mary dau. William   Crawley Doulton


Marriages       Doulton


21 Oct 1639 Andrew Dolton to Alice Skinner

9 Jul 1727  Edward Doulton to Margaret Westmoth     Curbridge

3 Apr 1732  William Doulton to Mary Smith   Licence


Burials     Dolton


28 Apr 1585 Jone widdowe    (Doalton)

1 May 1631  John    (Dowlton)

18 Sep 1632 ? widdow    (Doulton)

18 Apr 1638     ? widdow

21 May 1638 Maud wife Andrew

25 Oct 1643 Elizabeth

15 Nov 1681 ? widdow

15 Nov 1681     ? child Andrew

3 Oct 1727  Elizabeth widdow    (Doulton)

20 Feb 1738     Edward  Curbridge (Doulton)

30 Aug 1739     John Curbridge  (Doulton)

9 Feb 1757  Mary    (?Polton)

24 Jun 1781 Anne dau. William & Mary    Curbridge


There seemed to be a concentration of Dalton name variants in this particular

area, Curbridge, and trust that it will be helpful in your search.

In the August 1998 issue of "Daltons in History", we printed the Last Will and Testament of Walter Dalton of Canton, New York, which is ten miles south of the village of Madrid. It was to this village that the ancestors of DGS member, Daveda Bundy, emigrated from Ireland and the descendency of this family is outlined below.


We have located another Last Will and Testament of one, Thomas Dalton, of Madrid. This will had been copied in beautiful script but the ink is so faded that some parts defy reading even with the assistance of a black light. The Will appears to have been drawn on September 26, 1856. It was entered in the Surrogate Court for the County of St. Lawrence, New York on the 20th day of April 1857. Present was James Redington, Surrogate.


The following names are mentioned in connection with it. They are Peter Dalton and Christopher Dalton to the affidavit of George Quackenbush, and witnesses Patrick Duffie, Owen Mather and Robert?. It is transcribed as close as possible to the original including the error in the numerical order of bequests.

Copy of the Will

I Thomas Dalton who ----- the uncertainty of the mortal life and being of sane mind and memory thanks to the Almighty God do -------- and establish this my Last Will and Testament in ------ and form following. That is to say:

First I desire that all my just debts be paid and all my funeral expenses.

I give and bequeath to my son, John the upper lot on the westerly side of Owen Mather containing about 37 acres more or less, also John Dalton I give and bequest my other lots adjoining the land of Thomas Murphy to --------- to do here as John Dalton lives also it is given for services rendered to me. Thirdly, I give and bequeath my son Richard my house lot containing 54 acres more or less together with all personal property (except beds ? and ----) on condition that my son Richard shall pay the following bequests and leagacies together with debts and funeral expenses. Fourthly, I give and bequeath to my daughter, Mrs. Parkinson and Mary Boligs/Bolegs each the sum of $100 dollars in seven installments without interest ------. Fifthly, I give and bequeath to my son Christopher the sum of one hundred dollars at the end of ------ at any time after that period when demanded without interest also is lieu of any services to me. Sixthly I give and bequeath to my son, Peter the sum of five dollars in one year from the date of this or at any time afterward when ------- instructed without interest. Eighthly, I give and bequeath to my Beloved Wife, Roseanna? the sum of seventy dollars to be paid annually to her by my son Richard in lieu of dress? not accepted as such by her. Richard case she lives with my son Richard he furnishing her with the necessary clothing and --- be considered equivalent to the prescribed seventy dollars. Ninethly, I hereby appoint my son Richard Dalton executor of this my Last Will and Testament and that the said Richard and have the right to mortgage, sell and ------- the aforesaid house lot of fifty four acres. (The remaining sentence has gaps but can be deciphered to the effect that the property cannot be sold as long as his Beloved Wife lives). The will is signed, Thomas Dalton with an X.

It is not often that we receive a descendency chart from an American member of the DGS whose family has traced its ancestry back to the 1750's in Ireland. Such is the case of Daveda Bundy whose early ancestors also lived in Madrid, New York.


Her line begins with Peter Dalton who was born about 1752 in Darmstown or Ardbraccan, Meath, Ireland and died there on 2 Jan 1834. Peter, a farmer, married a "worthy woman", Nancy Naulty about 1778 in Ardbraccan. Nancy was born in this same village about 1736. The couple had 11? children and John J., the eldest, is the direct link to Daveda, her great, great, grandfather.


John J. Dalton was born in Darmstown, Lower Navan, Meath about 1786/1787. He first came to America at age 18 (about 1800) and stayed in the state of New York for several years before returning to Ireland to marry his sweetheart, Mary McGovern. Mary was born to Peter and Mary Casey McGovern in 1890 in Ongentown, Lower Navan, Meath. Mary and John J. Dalton married in Bohermeen Parish, Lower Navan in 1818.


John J. and Mary Dalton had six children. Peter was born on 31 Dec 1819 in Allenstown, Ardbraccan Parish, Meath and married Bridget Stapleton in 1846 with whom he had one child. He then married Julia Brown and had six children.

Peter died on 3 July 1905. Thomas Dalton was born 18 April 1821 in Allenstown, Ardbraccan Parish, Meath and married Mary Agnes Waters in 1841. They had eleven children. Thomas died 3 Feb 1901. James Dalton was born in 1823 aboard ship and lived in Madrid, unmarried and died 7 April 1855 without issue.

George Dalton was born 27 Oct 1826 in Madrid, married Mary Farrington Oct. 1853 and died July 1854.


John J. and Mary Dalton had one other child, Mary, who was born 15 Aug 1832 in Madrid. She married Michael Murphy on 1 Dec 1851 and died 12 Jan 1916. All six of the children of John J. and Mary Dalton, lived and died in America and the resulting family is quite large.


Mary McGovern Dalton died in Feb 1834 in Madrid and is interred in the Raymond Dalton Farm of her grandson on Norfolk Road, Madrid. John J. Dalton took a second wife, Nancy Ann Carroll, who brought children from a previous marriage to her union with him. He died 22 Mar in Wyocena, Columbia County, Wisconsin and was buried at Rocky Run Cemetery near Rio, in Columbia. County.

It does not appear that all of the various branches of this large family have been researched. Thomas Dalton, (Will) while he does not fit into the direct line of Daveda, may well be in the branch of a brother/uncle to John J. Dalton.


Since John first arrived in America in 1800, there may well have been relatives with whom he stayed. These families can be identified through the Federal Censuses of the 1800's. At the present time, there are about 10 Dalton families living in or near Madrid, including Canton and Gouverneur.


The Branch of Matthew Dalton

Matthew Dalton was the great grandfather of Daveda and has been extensively researched. He too was born in Madrid 1 Nov 1829. He left there with an independent company of gold seekers who were on their way to California to make their fortune. He was 21 years of age when he arrived in Utah on 5 Sep 1850. Matthew had been raised in the Roman Catholic faith. His family in New York was quite upset when he converted to the Mormon religion and he remained in Utah. There he married Rozilla Marilla Whitaker, the daughter of Malinda Fishel and James Whitaker of Council Bluffs, Iowa. They had eight children (all enumerated on the descendency chart).


Matthew took a second wife in bigamy, Alice Ophelia Miller, on 5 Sep 1868 at Salt Lake City. They had one son, William Frederick Dalton, and Ophelia divorced Matthew while William was still quite small and "still in dresses". Rozilla died 3 June 1898 and Matthew took a third wife on 7 Jun 1898. She was Sarah Ann Hymas, daughter of George Hymas and Sarah Ann Carter. Matthew's third wife was born in Hockley, Essex, England on 6 Aug 1859. They had two children. Matthew died at age 80 in 1909. From the marriages of Matthew Dalton alone, the descendency chart now numbers 3200.

Our thanks go to Daveda Budy and her aunt, Bertha Dalton, who have researched and provided the descendency line of Peter Dalton. Daveda Bundy will be happy to respond to inquiries and she may be reached at: