The 2007 Annual General Meeting of the Dalton Genealogical Society was held at the Worcester Gathering. The minutes of this meeting have now been prepared and they are reproduced below. Included with the minutes are the Accounts for 2006 and accompanying notes. These minutes and accounts will also be published in the next issue of the DGS Journal (Vol 47 - December 2007).

2007 Annual General Meeting
held on Saturday 28th July 2007 at 0930 hours
in the John Fownes Suite, The Fownes Hotel, Worcester, UK

1) Welcome and opening remarks by the Chairman

Michael Neale Dalton welcomed all delegates to the meeting and gave special greetings to Gerry Dalton and Tom Wood from Australia, Mike F and Kate Dalton from Norfolk, Rick Dalton and family from the United States and Gwyneth and George Adams from Warwickshire, all of whom were attending a DGS Gathering for the first time. He also gave particular welcomes to Ian Simpson of Leeds, Howard Dalton of Yorkshire and Ciaran Dalton, the newly appointed DGS Irish Secretary, and his wife Collette.

He looked forward to an exciting programme for the weekend and to the contributions of Tony Spicer, Chris Pomery, and Sandy Cale, of Worcester Walks, and her colleague Jocelyn. Paul Millington, Vice-Chairman of the Guild of One Name Studies, would be welcomed as the Society’s guest at the Annual Dinner.

The Chairman then outlined the programme for the weekend.

2) Apologies for absence

These were received from Michael & Jen Cayley; Millicent Craig; Sam & Barbara Craig; Mary Lou & Jeff Elias; Lucy Slater; Pamela & Jack Richards; Alan Green; Gwyneth Allwood; Faith & Bill Keymer; Maureen Handford; John Prytherch; Carole Fenn; Martin Griffiths; Neale Dalton; Pearl Dalton; Vic Dalton and Dorothy Ransome.

3) Minutes of the 2006 Annual General Meeting and matters arising

These were taken as read, approved by the meeting and signed by the Chairman with no matters arising.

4) Chairman’s Report

Michael Neale Dalton reported that the Society was flourishing with increased membership. He thanked the hardworking members of the Committee for their continued enthusiasm. John Dalton was congratulated for his work on producing the latest excellent Journal. Howard J Dalton was thanked for his planning of the Worcester Gathering.

The DGS website was undergoing a programme of change to extend the scope of this vital tool in the success of the Society and he paid tribute to the work of the DGS website consultant, Martin Fitzgerald in achieving this aim. He reported that the committee are planning to implement a “members only” area on the website during the coming year. This could include restriction of access to the Dalton Data Bank, which may be a way of encouraging new membership. The DGS web-based research resources will include a complete archive of “Daltons in History”, now in its tenth year, and the synopsis of DGS Journal contents, which is the next element of the website to be transferred to the new site.

The Chairman reported that the application to join the Clans of Ireland had been successful, in large measure due to the efforts of Millicent Craig, and he welcomed the appointment of Ciaran Dalton to the double role of Chieftain of Clan Dalton and DGS Irish Secretary.

The Dalton International DNA Project (DIDP) has expanded greatly during the past year and Chris Pomery’s report later this morning is awaited with eager anticipation. Mention was made of a planned meeting between Chris Pomery, Martin Fitzgerald, and the Chairman in September to consider more innovative ways of presenting the outputs from DIDP on the DGS website.

Finally, the Chairman highlighted a few of the many items on display, including print outs of all the “Daltons in History” articles for 2007, specific displays from several members, and memorabilia for sale. The displays would remain in the John Fownes Suite over the whole of the weekend.

5) Treasurer’s Report

Mel Irwin reported another successful year financially and referred to the Accounts for 2006 attached to the AGM agenda. Formal adoption of the accounts was proposed by Howard Dalton, seconded by Audrey Dalton and carried unanimously by the meeting.

The Treasurer then proposed the increase of the Annual UK Subscription after many years to Ten Pounds as from 1st January 2008. This was seconded by Gerald Milner and carried unanimously.

Maureen Collins suggested an announcement to this effect be included on the website and in the DGS Journal and it was agreed that the committee would set appropriate overseas rates to take account of exchange rates and airmail postage.

Howard Dalton stressed the need to deal efficiently with the amendment of Standing Orders.

6) Secretary’s Report

Pam Lynam reported that the total DGS membership stood at 275. The membership database was now working very satisfactorily thanks to the sterling efforts of David Lynam. It was important for new members to register their family history information for inclusion in the Society’s records and publication in the Journal.

Pat Robinson, who now holds the stock of back numbers of the Journal, reported that she had brought copies to Worcester for sale at special Gathering prices. The pricing of back copies is currently under review and details will be announced in the Journal and on the website.

7) Election of Officers and Committee

The Chairman reported that all existing officers and committee members had offered themselves for re-election with no further nominations notified to the Secretary. He requested any nominations from the floor, and with none offered, the election of all en bloc was proposed by Alicia Riley, seconded by Pat Robinson, and carried unanimously.

8) Reports by the Editors of DGS Journal and of “Daltons in History

John Dalton urged members to use the DGS Journal as the principal tool for promoting and recording their family histories. He stated that copies of the Journal were lodged with leading libraries around the world. The Journal was an invaluable and permanent printed record. Members can be given assistance with the preparation of their articles, and if necessary longer pieces can be spread over two (or more) Journals.

Dairne Irwin requested articles for the forthcoming “Daltons in History”, even small snippets of information would be welcomed. The deadline for contributions is normally the 25th of the previous month with publication on the website by the 1st. Michael Neale Dalton urged all delegates to send in reminiscences of their Worcester 2007 experiences.

Maureen Collins suggested that some material sent in for the website could be expanded for inclusion in the Journal.

9) Report on the Dalton International DNA Report

The Chairman paid tribute to Chris Pomery for his expert guidance and again looked forward to his full report after the Annual General Meeting. Mention was also made of the forthcoming Issue 2 of the DIDP Progress Report which will bring all participants fully up to date on the project.

10) Australian Secretary’s Report

Maureen Collins reported a steady increase in membership over the past couple of years. She was delighted that Helen Smith, Gerry Dalton and her husband Tom Wood were able to be present at the Worcester gathering. Gerry as Internet Librarian for the Australian branch had been corresponding with Michael Cayley with the aim of setting up computer library storage for Australian members. It had been mutually decided to hold a meeting in Melbourne in early 2008. John and Lyn Dalton had offered their home with arrangements yet to be finalised.

A New South Wales meeting was likely again in 2008 and Helen Smith had offered the use of her family beach house. Plans were underway for an Australian Gathering in the city of Orange, New South Wales, with a proposed date of the weekend of 14th/15th March 2009. Co-ordinators included the Australian Secretary, Helen Smith, and Ros Chapman, a DGS member related to the large Dalton family of Orange. The Dalton International DNA Project had been promoted in Australia with positive results. Maureen thanked members for their continuing contributions.

11) American Secretary’s Report

The Chairman gave a report on behalf of Millicent Craig in her absence. He paid tribute to her amazing contribution to the success of the DGS. Subscription income for the first half of 2007 is up and much interest continues to be shown in the DGS by USA and Canadian members. Work continues apace on the Dalton Databank with an emphasis on Irish and Australian Dalton records being added. She particularly thanked Mike Dalton of Oregon, Michael Cayley and Gerry Dalton for their inputs and Mary Lou Elias for formatting the material for the web. Other projects include the digitising of family trees, and the possible re-publication of Part 2 of Mrs Leaning’s “Dalton Book”.

12) Irish Secretary’s Report

Ciaran Dalton thanked the Chairman for his warm welcome and acknowledged the help he, Millicent Craig and all the committee had given him already in his new role. The association of his father with DGS activities thirty years before had resulted in his own present day membership and enthusiasm for the Society.

He looked forward to the forthcoming 2008 Irish Gathering in Birr, County Offaly and emphasised that this would herald the real launch of Clan Dalton.

13) Forthcoming Gatherings and AGMs

Michael Neale Dalton outlined the following events:-

Irish Gathering 2008 at Birr, County Offaly, Friday 1st August to Monday 4th August. A brief slide show of Birr was presented from the visit made by the Chairman and Ciaran Dalton earlier in the year to commence preparations for the event.

Australian Meetings at Melbourne in Feb/March 2008 (to be confirmed) and Sydney later in 2008.

UK One Day Meeting/AGM at the Royal Logistics Corp Museum, Camberley, on Saturday 31st May 2008 (subsequently arranged for Saturday 7th June 2008) with a chance to view the VC medal awarded to James Langley Dalton for his part in the Battle at Rorke’s Drift in the Zulu War.

Australian Gathering 2009 at Orange, New South Wales over the weekend of Saturday/Sunday 14th /15th March.

UK 40th Anniversary Gathering & AGM 2010 with the suggestion of Surrey as the venue.

Possible venues thereafter include Yorkshire, Lancashire, America and South Africa.

14) Any other Business

The Chairman highlighted a few more of the displays of Dalton family history.

Pat Robinson was then invited to speak briefly on the display that she had mounted of her family connection to Lady Jane Lane, who later married into the Fisher family, and who assisted in the escape of King Charles the Second after his defeat at the Battle of Worcester.

15) Close

There being no further business the meeting closed at 1100 hours.

Accounts for 2006
Charity Number 298251
INCOME ACCOUNT for period 1 January to 31 December 2006
Income: Expenditure:      
2006 2005   2006 2005
Subscriptions       Journals Dec-05 (Dec-04) 459.22 420.00
  Jun-06 (Jun-05) 557.90 403.22
Australia   287.16 188.00 Dec-06   525.63  
UK   534.00 497.50    
USA   815.45 1114.22   Distribution Jun-05   232.43
    Costs Dec-05 (Dec-04) 370.19 210.28
Bank Interest 2.08 0.71 Jun-06   284.17
  Dec-06   322.22
Scarborough Building Society Interest   120.65   Secretarial Expenses     73.06
    Treasurers Expenses   32.22  
Binders, Journals and Leaning Book 65.00     F.F.H.S. Subscription     66.00
Gift Aid Rebate 251.89     Expenses associated with Dublin Gathering   200.00
Legacies/donations 1500.00 1500.00   Journal Stock Value Written Off   251.12
    DNA Consultant   500.00  
    Excess of Income over expenditure 171.60 1797.40
3455.58 3421.08   3455.58 3421.08
CAPITAL ACCOUNT at 31 December 2006
HSBC Bank Account 6233.78 2312.03   Capital Account at 31 Dec 2005 (31 Dec 2004) 6447.62 4650.22
Scarborough Building Society Account   3750.15   Add Surplus for 2006 (2005) 171.60 1797.40
Stock of Memorabillia 385.44 385.44    
6619.22 6447.62   6619.22 6447.62


Notes to the DGS Accounts for 2006:

  1. Total subscriptions received in 2006 amounted to 1,636.61 (1,799.72 in 2005).

  2. In order to align expenditure on journal printing and distribution with the subscription year, we have, exceptionally for 2006, accounted for printing three issues of the journal and distributing four. Normal costs for the year are 1,689.92 (relating to Vol 44 for Jun-06 and Vol 45 for Dec-06). Exceptional costs are 1,061.84 (relating to Vol 43 for Dec-05 and the distribution only of Vol 42 for Jun-05 which should have been included in the 2005 accounts).

  3. During this year we closed the Scarborough Building Society Account due to a change in location of the Treasurer and we are in process of seeking a new Deposit Account. The matter is in hand with HSBC's own Deposit Account and the Charities equivalent (COIF) being considered.

  4. Sales of memorabilia and back copies of our Journals have been very limited during 2006.

  5. There is no F.F.H.S Subscription on this year's accounts as payment for two years was included in the 2005 accounts.

  6. The published accounts for 2005 recorded an anonymous donation of 1,500.00 in the Capital Account. For comparative purposes with 2006, this has been moved to the Income Account and surplus for 2005 has been adjusted accordingly.

  7. The legacy/donation of 1,500.00 in 2006 is a gift to the Society from the late Tom Dalton, DGS member.

  8. The stock of memorabilia at 31 Dec 06 is valued at the same amount as at 31 Dec 05. In view of the limited sales during 2006, consideration will be given to writing down this value in 2007.