From Sir Geoffrey Dalton

The AGM was held on a fine Summer’s day at Deepcut Barracks, the home of the Royal Logistic Corps, near Guildford in Surrey. It combined the AGM with a visit to the Regimental Museum and Medal Collection to see the Victoria Cross awarded to James Langley Dalton for his conspicuous gallantry at the Battle of Rorke’s Drift in Natal in January 1879.

Article on James Langley Dalton

We arrived at the Officers’ Mess at 11am where we were met by Colonel Owen the curator of the Medal Collection. This is housed in a large room - an incredible display of Awards for Gallantry, Orders of Chivalry, Campaign Medals and Long Service Medals awarded to members of the various Regiments which have been amalgamated over the years culminating in the formation of the Royal Logistic Corps in 1993.

Colonel Owen gave us a fascinating talk about the history of the many displays, pointing out that it was one of the most comprehensive collections because, as a support corps, they were involved in most actions whereas frontline regiments were not. Then, he finished by showing us the Victoria Cross won by Commissary JL Dalton, one of 11 awarded for the Defence of Rorke’s Drift and the largest number ever awarded for a single action. Dalton was the holder of one of three VCs awarded to the Corps, the other two being won in the Indian Mutiny at Azimghar in 1858. Dalton died in South Africa in January 1887 at the age of 53. His medals were much later recovered from a blitzed house of a niece and bought by a collector. In 1986 they were put up for auction and the Corps set up a campaign raising more than sufficient to buy the medal together with his South Africa Campaign Medal and Long Service and Conduct Medal for £62,000. They joined the other two VCs in the museum’s care.

James Langley Dalton's Medals

After lunch and the AGM we visited the Corps Museum nearby and had a chance to see displays and memorabilia of the many incidents in the Corps history and, of course, of particular interest was the tableau of the defence of Rorke’s Drift and a copy of the famous painting in which Mr Dalton can be seen in the midst of the battle encouraging and leading the defenders.

Michael, Colonel Owen and Sir Geoffrey with James Langley Dalton's VC

Altogether a most interesting day and we are all most grateful to Colonel Owen and the Curator and Staff of the Museum for all their help as well as providing an excellent sandwich lunch.

DGS Members at the 2008 AGM

held at the Royal Logistics Corps Museum, Deepcut, near Camberley, Surrey
on Saturday, 7th June 2008, at 1.30 pm

1) Welcome and Opening Remarks by the Chairman

Michael Neale Dalton welcomed members to the meeting. A most interesting programme for the day had kindly been arranged by Sir Geoffrey Dalton with the chance of viewing the Victoria Cross awarded to James Langley Dalton, for his part in the battle of Rorke’s Drift in the Zulu War of 1879.

He first invited John Dalton to inform those gathered of the sad news of the passing on 4th June 2008 of Dr. Lucy Joan Slater, former DGS Executive Secretary and Committee member, and a guiding influence for many years in the affairs of the Society.

John had first met Lucy at the 1983 DGS Lancashire Gathering where a family link was discovered. A firm friendship was forged with Sheila and John and their children, with many visits to Lucy’s Cambridge home in the ensuing years. She was a true friend also to many a Dalton researcher, always ready with information and encouragement, and her major contribution to the DGS Journal over many years stands as enduring testimony to her devotion to the Society.

2) Apologies for absence

These were received from Millicent Craig; Michael Cayley; Ciaran Dalton; Kate Dalton; Dairne and Mel Irwin; Joy Goater; Trew McHeffey and Martin Fitzgerald, the Society’s website consultant.

3) Minutes of the 2007 Annual General Meeting and matters arising

The Minutes of the 2007 Annual General Meeting were accepted by the meeting and signed by the Chairman as a true record with no matters arising.

4) Chairman’s Report

Michael Neale Dalton thanked the Officers and Committee for all their efforts towards yet another successful year for the Society. The monthly “Daltons in History” on the DGS website had enabled him to keep in regular touch with members and provide up to date news on all the Society’s activities. He stressed that the strength of the society was founded on a co-ordinated team effort by all the people involved. The DGS was now recognised worldwide through its activities, its journal and its website, and with an ever increasing membership.

Margaret Deyes made a plea for the continuation of postal contact for those without the benefit of the use of a computer, and the Chairman assured her that the twice yearly mailing of the journal will continue.

5) Treasurer’s Report

Members were asked to refer to the Accounts as circulated to the meeting and appended below. The Chairman reported on behalf of Mel Irwin that 2007 was a year of consolidation with increased membership. The excess of income over expenditure for the year was just £43.87. The Treasurer sounded a caution about the printing and distribution costs of the Journal, which continued to increase.

The Treasurer was in the process of investigating the best terms for an interest bearing account, and the increase in membership fees would be reflected in the coming year. He was glad to report that the capital account was healthy.

The Chairman thanked Mel Irwin for his excellent handling of the accounts. Maureen Collins noted the ongoing costs of the DGS DNA Consultant and the Chairman stressed the benefits to the Society from this. Discussion took place on the need for two Journals per year but it was agreed this was vital to encourage membership and maintain regular contact.

The Chairman moved adoption of the accounts and this was proposed by Sir Geoffrey Dalton, seconded by Alicia Riley, and approved by the meeting.

6) Secretary’s Report

Pam Lynam reported an excellent response to the sending out of Gift Aid forms. There were 276 active members of the Society.

Maureen Collins emphasised the need for the Overseas Secretaries to be kept briefed on new member details. Stocks of back numbers of the Journal could be obtained from Pat Robinson and she was thanked for her kind assistance in this matter. The Chairman thanked Pam Lynam for all her work.

7) Election of Officers and Committee

The Chairman informed the meeting that Michael Cayley had decided to stand down from the position of Librarian & Archivist. Tribute was paid to the immense contribution made to the Society by Michael over a long period in the development of the Dalton Data Bank, in conjunction with Millicent Craig, and the wealth of information gathered. His would be a hard act to follow and his work was greatly appreciated by the Society.

There were no further nominations and all the other Officers and Committee members had indicated that they were willing to stand again. Howard Dalton proposed that they all be elected en bloc. This was seconded by Pat Robinson and passed unanimously. The Chairman noted that the search for a new Librarian & Archivist would continue.

8) Reports by the Editors of the DGS Journal and “Daltons in History

John Dalton stressed the need for a constant flow of material for the Journal. Contributions could vary in length and he suggested that more MN&Q’s would be appreciated by readers. A similar plea was conveyed by Dairne Irwin for “Daltons in History”, where all snippets of information, however small, are always welcome. The Chairman proposed a vote of thanks to the Editors for their hard work, and this met with unanimous acclaim.

9) Report on the Dalton International DNA Project

Michael Neale Dalton reported on a successful year for the project with the number of participating members already increased from 99 to 111 since January 2008, and the formation of a new genetic family. He thanked Chris Pomery for his guidance and expertise. Out of the twelve new participants, nine had established links with existing genetic groups. Agreement had been reached on a forward programme. Issues included the size of the task involved, and difficulties for some in interpreting findings. He stressed that the DNA project is a tool and it only has value when used in conjunction with traditional family history research.

Howard J Dalton highlighted the costs involved in upgrading from 25 markers to 37 or 67.

10) Australian Secretary’s Report

Maureen Collins reported that membership levels had remained stable over the past year. The plan to hold a meeting in the city of Orange, New South Wales, was well in hand with the dates fixed as 14th and 15th March 2009. She and Helen Smith were co-ordinating this event together with Ros Chapman, a DGS member related to a large Dalton family of Orange, Virginia Higgins, and Jill Warren. An enjoyable meeting had been hosted in February by John and Lyn Dalton at their Melbourne home. New Zealand membership was growing and it was good to meet Peter and Noeline Dalton, from Dunedin in the South Island, on a recent visit to Sydney. The Dalton International DNA Project continues to be of great interest in Australia and New Zealand due to some positive results.

11) American Secretary’s Report

The Chairman and all present at the meeting sent greetings to Millicent Craig, now recovering from her recent illness. She had sent her apologies for not being able to attend the AGM and the forthcoming gathering at Birr and sent her good wishes to all.

Michael Neale Dalton was dealing with queries at present with the kind assistance of Mary Lou Elias Weber, and Dairne and Mel Irwin. Membership levels and interest remained high thanks to Millicent’s phenomenal input over the past years. There was ongoing discussion about providing assistance to look after the USA members. The Chairman was glad to report that Millicent was much improved in health.

12) Irish Secretary’s Report

Ciaran Dalton had sent his apologies for being unable to attend the meeting, but reported that he was very actively engaged in the preparations for the forthcoming DGS gathering in Birr in August. This event is destined to be a most enjoyable and informative weekend. There is tremendous interest in Dalton family history in Ireland.

13) Forthcoming Gatherings and AGM’s

Michael and Kate Dalton had visited Birr at the end of May to finalise arrangements. 40 delegates had so far registered their attendance, but there was still the opportunity for others to join this weekend in Ireland. The Chairman thanked Ciaran Dalton for his work as Irish Secretary and his help in planning the 2008 gathering.

The Chairman then referred the forthcoming 2009 gathering in New South Wales, Australia. A folder was displayed showing the plans for the weekend and possible venues with a plea to publicise the event as much as possible. He thanked Maureen Collins for her work on this and asked that she pass on thanks to those ably assisting her.

Suggestions were sought for a venue for the 2009 Annual General Meeting in the UK, with a tentative plan to hold it in early September, perhaps in Lancashire.

The Chairman confirmed that the 2010 Gathering and AGM, celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Society will take place in Surrey, England in the summer. Further details will be announced in due course.

14) Any Other Business

There being no other business the Chairman formally closed the meeting at 3.00pm with grateful thanks to the Royal Logistics Corps Museum for providing such a splendid venue.

Accounts for 2007
Charity Number 298251
INCOME ACCOUNT for period 1 January to 31 December 2007
Income: Expenditure:      
2006 2007   2006 2007
Subscriptions       Journals Dec-05
459.22 400.00
557.90 734.00
Australia   287.16 293.30 Dec-06   525.63  
UK   534.00 624.50    
USA   815.45 1247.21   Distribution Jun-05
232.43 291.02
    Costs Dec-05
370.19 340.34
Bank Interest 2.08 0.29 Jun-06   284.17
  Dec-06   322.22
Binders, Journals       Journal Reprints
  - 70.00
and Leaning Book 65.00 -   Associated Expenses
  - 19.20
Sales of Memorabillia
- 201.00   F.F.H.S. Subscription   - 75.00
Gift Aid Rebate 251.89 -   Secretarial Expenses   - 46.00
    Treasurers Expenses   32.22 57.93
Donation from Tom Dalton 1500.00 -   DNA Consultant   500.00 500.00
Anonymous Donation
- 400.00   IT Consultancies
- 592.73
Income for Worcester 2007 - 5470.50   Expenditure for Worcester 2007 - 5066.71
    Excess of Income over expenditure 171.60 43.87
3455.58 8236.80   3455.58 8236.80
CAPITAL ACCOUNT at 31 December 2007
HSBC Bank Account 6233.78 6478.65   Capital Account at 31 Dec 2006 6447.62 6619.22
Stock of Memorabillia 385.44 184.44   Add Surplus for 2007 171.60 43.87
6619.22 6663.09   6619.22 6663.09