The 2010 Annual General Meeting of the Dalton Genealogical Society was held in Surrey, England in July. The minutes of the meeting, together with the annual accounts for 2009, are published here. These will also appear in the forthcoming issue of the DGS Journal, Volume 53 for December 2010, due to be published at the end of the year.



held in the Sports Lounge at
Surrey National Golf Club, Chaldon, near Caterham, Surrey
on Saturday, 31st July 2010 at 10.30 am

1) Welcome and Opening Remarks by the Chairman

Michael Neale Dalton welcomed delegates to the 40th Anniversary Gathering of the Dalton Genealogical Society. The meeting was being broadcast live on the Dalton Data Bank website, which would enable many members at home and abroad who were unable to attend to view the proceedings. He and his wife Kate had been pleased to welcome delegates at an informal supper party at their Reigate home the previous evening. A special welcome was given to Rosemary and Charles Dow, Karen and David Preston, Wendy Fleming, Maureen Collins, and Mike Dalton, all of whom had travelled from abroad to attend; also to new member Jim Dalton and his wife Terry from Purley, Surrey, and to Gill and Peter Thurlby. The Chairman looked forward to a stimulating and enjoyable weekend.

2) Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Millicent Craig, Jilly Warren, Margaret Milner, Joy Goater, Elaine Austin, Ruth Ralston, Edna Redpath, Gerry Dalton and Tom Wood, Howard Dalton, Ciaran Dalton, Rodney Dalton, Mike Dalton (Norfolk), John Prytherch, Geoffrey Robinson, and Arthur Whitaker.

The Chairman reported that Millicent Craig, Vice President of the Society, had sent her best wishes to everybody and he was sure it would be the wish of the meeting to reciprocate with their good wishes to her.

3) Minutes of the 2009 Annual General Meeting and matters arising

The Minutes of the 2009 Annual General Meeting were accepted by the meeting and signed by the Chairman as a true record with no matters arising.

4) Chairman’s Report

Michael Neale Dalton reported that the Society had been formed in 1970 and had achieved much greater success than could ever have been envisaged at that time. He thanked the Officers and Committee for their hard work; also Chris Pomery as the excellent DNA Consultant to the Society; and Martin Fitzgerald for the success of the website, together with David Preston for the enormous amount of work in expanding the DGS Data Bank and for instigating the live webcam coverage. He was pleased to announce that the committee had given its approval to the appointment of all three as Honorary Members of the Society.

The Chairman expressed his appreciation to John Dalton for producing the excellent Journal; Dairne and Mel Irwin for their dedication to the monthly “Daltons in History” web newsletter; and to Pat Robinson for overseeing the distribution of back numbers of the Journal.

He was proud of the expansion of the DGS website, the DNA Research Project website and Issue 3 of the Dalton DNA Report, the Dalton Data Bank and the Dalton Forum, all of which extended the boundaries of Dalton family history research.

The Chairman reported that the Society’s website had been “highly commended” in the Federation of Family History Societies Best Website Award announced in the Autumn of 2009. In April 2010, an invitation had been extended by the British Library to participate in their Web Archive Programme, the objective of which is to preserve UK documentary heritage so that it remains available to researchers in the future. The meeting gave its unanimous approval to taking up this invitation.

In conclusion, Michael Dalton congratulated the Society on forty years of great and continuing achievement, and confirmed that he would have more to say on this at the celebratory anniversary dinner that evening.

5) Treasurer’s Report

Mel Irwin referred delegates to the distributed Statement of Accounts for 2009 (reproduced below). These showed a small surplus for the year of £229, with subscription income and costs for printing and distribution of the Journal at similar levels to the previous year. The capital account balance at 31st December 2009 was £7,298. The Treasurer explained that Gift Aid Rebate forms were now available on the DGS website and he urged UK members to check that their standing orders have been updated to reflect the £10 annual subscription.

Maureen Collins enquired whether Australia and New Zealand membership payments were up to date and the Treasurer confirmed that they were. In reply to a question from Alicia Riley the Treasurer reported that there was still a small stock of DGS memorabilia available for sale. John Dalton highlighted the increasing costs of postage in distributing the Journal. Sir Geoffrey Dalton noted the drop in UK Membership subscriptions.

The adoption of the Accounts was then proposed by Gerald Milner and seconded by Audrey Dalton and carried unanimously.

The Chairman expressed gratitude to Mel Irwin for his work on behalf of the Society.

6) Secretary’s Report

Pam Lynam confirmed a slight drop in UK membership in the past year which now stands at 86 with two new members. She highlighted the difficulties created by recent email problems with enquiries and other communications not being received. These had now been resolved and more enquiries were being received. She requested that any unanswered enquiries be resubmitted and she will answer them. The Charity Commission Newsletter was received on a regular basis.

The Chairman thanked Pam Lynam for her work on behalf of the Society.

7) Election of Officers and Committee

The present members all offered themselves for re-election. No further nominations were forthcoming. It was therefore proposed by Alicia Riley and seconded by Mike Dalton that they be re-elected en bloc and this was carried unanimously.

8) Reports by the Editors of the DGS Journal and of “Daltons in History

John Dalton thanked those who had submitted articles for the Journal during the past year. There was a great need for more contributions and these do not have to be long in content. He suggested that new members should be encouraged to provide a brief paragraph on their family history to enable links to be made. He urged members to supply notes on family events such as Births, Marriages and Deaths, and to ensure that any change in address and email contact be notified. Black and white photographs as well as colour were welcomed to accompany articles and he looked forward to greater input in the coming year.

A similar plea was made by Dairne Irwin, editor of “Daltons in History”, who thanked those that had responded to her previous requests for contributions with a particular mention of Oregon, USA member Mike Dalton. She was indebted to her husband Mel for his invaluable help, and to Martin Fitzgerald for providing website support. The need for more contributions large or small in whatever format was stressed by both Editors.

9) Report on the Dalton DNA Project

The Chairman stated that a full report would be given by Chris Pomery in a separate session after the AGM. He looked forward to the illustrated talk which would highlight the importance of the project and the lead it gives to Dalton family history research. He thanked Chris Pomery for his professional guidance and enthusiasm.

10) Australian Secretary’s Report

Maureen Collins reflected on the past fifteen years since the 25th Anniversary of the DGS and her years as Australian and New Zealand Secretary. 2009 had seen a major step forward with the successful Gathering at Orange, New South Wales. She felt the branch had come of age with so many different Dalton families meeting up for the first time. Membership numbers had now levelled with 3 members in New Zealand, 2 new members in Australia giving a total membership to date of 33.

It was proposed to hold a meeting in Sydney with suggested dates 9th or 16th October 2010 yet to be confirmed.

Michael Neale Dalton thanked Maureen for her continued energy and enthusiasm.

11) American Secretary’s Report

This report was deferred until later in the afternoon. The Chairman thanked Karen Dalton Preston for her achievements in her position as North American Secretary since March 2009. These included obtaining tax-exempt status with the DGS now registered as a not-for-profit corporation, incorporated in Nevada; and setting up the DGS in North America as a member of the PayPal on-line payment processing service, with more than half of USA membership renewals now being made using this method. Total present membership in USA and Canada stood at 174.

New content to the Dalton Data Bank was managed by David Preston, including a Google Ad Campaign from July 2009 – June 2010.

Planning had already begun for the 2011 Gathering at Salt Lake City, Utah, to be held from 23rd to 25th September, and Karen looked forward to a great event.

12) Irish Secretary’s Report

Ciaran Dalton sent his good wishes to the Society on its 40th Anniversary.

Michael Neale Dalton thanked Ciaran for his support and hoped that possible plans to return to Ireland for another gathering would help membership levels. It was important to remember that many USA and Australian members had Irish ancestry.

13) Future Gatherings and AGMs

Later in 2010, there is an Australian meeting planned for October.

In 2011, the USA Gathering in Salt Lake City, Utah is planned for the weekend of 23rd to 25th September. Additionally there will be a UK one day meeting, including the Annual General Meeting on a date to be confirmed in May or June.

Ideas were requested for the 2012 and future Gatherings.

14) Any Other Business

There was no other business. The Chairman closed the meeting at 11.30 am.